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ADHD Assessment for Adults at Castleknock Village Medical

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Adult ADHD Assessment Test Diagnosis is now available!


Our ADHD and ASD Assessment Services are only available at our Baggot Street Lower Clinic.

What is an ADHD Assessment?

ADHD assessments for adults (18+) at Centric Mental Health provide a clear ADHD diagnosis, as well as feedback and advice on the next steps.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental difference falling under the category of ‘neurodiversity’, a term used to consider the natural differences in brain functioning in the human population. It affects approximately 3.4% of adults. The core traits of ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, which can lead to difficulties in various areas of life.

Depending on their age and life stage, people with ADHD can struggle in areas such as education, managing relationships with friends and family, the workplace, managing finances and general day-to-day organisation. These functional difficulties can have a significant impact on daily life, however with the correct supports and an understanding of how ADHD links to differences in functioning, there are ways to learn to manage.

Who should attend the Adult ADHD Assessment?

All ADHD assessments require the attendance of a person who is very well acquainted with the adult undergoing assessment. This ‘informant’, such as a partner, parent, family member, or lifetime friend provides crucial additional insight and information.

In addition to attending the Adult ADHD Assessment yourself, an informant is also required to attend (virtually or in person) to provide collateral information. This collateral allows us to provide a more comprehensive assessment.

The informant can include:

  • A partner
  • Parent
  • Family member
  • Lifetime friend

How do the Adult ADHD Assessments work?

Adult ADHD assessments are completed by a psychologist in one of our Dublin Clinic Locations and will include the following:

 Pre-Assessment Screening Online questionnaires for you, completed before the assessment
First Session A 2.5-hour assessment in-person session with you and your chosen informant – e.g. a parent, partner, or family member (your informant can attend remotely).
Feedback Session A 30-minute follow-up feedback session (in person or virtual).

What will I get from this assessment?

For Adult ADHD Assessments, you will be provided a one-to-one feedback session with the psychologist who will review the ADHD Assessment report with you. This report will either rule in or out a diagnosis of ADHD. This report will also provide tailored suggestions to improve your well-being based on your strengths and additional resources and services. Should you meet the criteria for a diagnosis of ADHD, you will be offered therapeutic support through Centric Mental Health. Should you not receive a diagnosis of ADHD, your Psychologist will discuss further options with you.

What is not included in the assessment?

Please note that we cannot provide psychiatric medication. If medication is necessary, it will be discussed between you and the assessing psychologist and onward referral to a psychiatrist or paediatrician will be required.

How much does the Adult ADHD Assessment cost?

Adult ADHD Assessment


This service is for adults aged 18+


*Please note, that a cancellation fee of 100% applies if you do not provide more than 5 working days’ notice.

Read the TERMS & CONDITIONS here.

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