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Mental Health First Aid Course

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What is the Mental Health First Aid Course?

Just as conventional first aiders administer help to a physically injured person, trained Mental Health First Aiders are equipped to deliver immediate care to a person who might be experiencing a personal crisis, or developing a mental health issue.

Using evidence-based, engaging material, the course will give all attendees a basic understanding of mental health and common mental health issues and illnesses, with a special focus on positive mental health, its importance, and how to promote it.

By the end of the course, you will have trained members of staff who will have an increased level of understanding of mental health difficulties, how to support someone in distress, and how to bridge an individual into appropriate care.

What topics are covered under this course?

Our 12 Hour Mental Health First Aid course covers:

1) Overview of all the different types of Mental Health issues

2) How these issues can arise in the workplace

3) Skills required to be a mental health first aider

4) What to do in an emergency situation (Crisis management)

5) An interactive space to practice the skills learned

What is the Duration of this course?

Duration: 12 hours  

Structure: 2 full days on-site, 4 x 3-hour sessions digitally 

Attendees: Minimum 4, Maximum 20 on-site, and up to 12 digitally 

Who should Attend this course?

While any employees can attend, our strong recommendation would be that the Mental Health First Aid course is made available to all employees, at every level of the organisation, wherein anyone interested can volunteer for the training. 

Is this Course Certified?

The course is developed by senior psychologists and psychotherapists and is delivered by fully qualified, accredited, and diversely experienced mental health professionals.

On completion, each attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion from Centric Mental Health.

Additional Supports

If you have booked the Mental Health First Aid course at your organisation, you might be looking for ways to support your existing team of First Aiders and develop their skills further. We have a couple of options that might suit you and your team, including Implementation Training (to take place before the MHFA course), a Refresher Course, and Peer Facilitated Groups.

See our Mental Health First Aid Course (Add-Ons) for more information

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