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Resiliency Training

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What is Resiliency?

Resilience is the ability to continue in the face of adversity or to pick yourself up after you suffer a setback. While we can’t always avoid or control the challenges we are faced with, we can control how we respond to them and can do so in ways that are deliberate and effective, and that don’t impact our mental health and wellbeing. 

Fortunately, resiliency is a skill that can be built on and developed, and our Resiliency Workshop is a great starting point for that. 

Resiliency Workshop

Through this workshop, staff can learn to identify, manage, and bounce back from difficulties, stressors, and challenges in the workplace. This will, in turn, allow them to more effectively thrive and succeed in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure, and constantly changing working environment. 

Designed by psychologists, this training programme focuses specifically on improving psychological flexibility, which is the concept of responding to a wide variety of challenges in effective and flexible ways, as opposed to rigidly applying a limited number of tips or tricks. 

Who should attend?

Employees who work directly with the public can often find themselves in stressful situations, and having challenging and emotionally-charged conversations. These roles might require more resilience than others, and they include: 

• Customer service 

• Hospitality

• Telecommunications

• Healthcare roles 

Resiliency Training

In addition to our Resiliency Workshop, we also offer a day-long Resiliency Training Course, which builds on the content covered in the Resiliency Workshop and gives attendees a more intensive opportunity to learn about and develop personal resilience.

Using discussion, exercises, and real-world examples, our Resiliency Training programme addresses the Six Core Processes of Psychological Flexibility, and how these can be effectively applied across various situations. The course has six modules on each of these Six Core Processes of Psychological Flexibility, with a final session focused on the integration of these processes. 

What is the Duration and Structure?

While the Resiliency Training is a day-long course, here is the Duration and Structure of the Resiliency Workshop:

Duration: 2 hours 

Structure: The Clinician speaks on the topic across 2 hours, with time set aside for group discussion and interactive case studies 

(Can take place onsite or digitally) 

Attendees: Minimum 4, Maximum 20 onsite, and up to 12 digitally.

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