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We have four individual workshops available, which are each specially designed and tailored for different cohorts of your team.  

Each of our Mental Health Training  Workshops will be delivered by one of our senior clinical team, all of whom are qualified and experienced psychologists. The workshops will take place over two hours. With group discussion, real-life examples and practical exercises, the workshops are interactive and engaging, delivering invaluable psychoeducation and practical skills training to employees at all levels of your organisation. 

Ensuring that there is adequate education about mental health across your entire team enables you to create a work environment where mental health is understood and supported optimally. 

Please read on for further information on each of the workshops and how one or more of them could benefit you and your organisation.

Employee Mental Health Workshop

Suitable for all employees working at a general team member level, our Employee Mental Health Workshop educates, informs, and empowers your team about all aspects of general mental health. 

Through psychoeducation, this workshop looks at common mental health issues and the symptoms and signs to look out for. Interactive and engaging, the workshop will also provide key skills training, which focuses on how to protect and improve personal mental health, as well as how to support someone in distress or crisis, and signpost to the most appropriate services available. 

Who should attend?

This Employee Mental Health Workshop is aimed at the general employee population within the company. It should be made available for any team members who are interested in expanding their knowledge of mental health and creating awareness among their colleagues. 

Managers Mental Health Workshop

Building on the employee workshop, our Manager Mental Health Workshop also provides general psychoeducation around general mental health but includes modules designed to train managers in monitoring and safeguarding their team members’ mental health. As well as focusing on being able to manage the workloads and the day-to-day pressures within their teams, managers will be well-positioned to spot early signs of stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues within their team. This workshop will give your management a clear understanding of how best to support employees who are experiencing mental health difficulties. 

Who should attend?

The Manager Mental Health Workshop should be made available to all managers responsible for leading a team of employees, as it will put them in an excellent position to create healthy work environments, and spot and support anyone who might be struggling. 

HR Mental Health Workshop

Our HR Mental Health Workshop builds on both the Employee and Manager Workshops and includes specifically tailored information and guidance for HR personnel. By providing this training to HR, you can help create a team that feels fully confident in handling any difficult or sensitive cases of mental health issues that may come their way. 

By the end of the training, HR will be well versed on relevant mental health policies and procedures and will have a clearer understanding of their role in cases of employee mental health issues. HR will feel more confident initiating conversations around mental health - how to ask the right questions at the right time, advise appropriately and set up effective care plans for those in need.  

Beyond this, a key message of the workshop is to help your HR team recognise when their role may be impacting their mental health, and should a situation be anxiety-provoking, such as when initiating a conversation with an employee with a specific mental health difficulty, the supports they can avail of. 

Who should attend?

The HR Mental Health Workshop should be delivered to the entire HR team to ensure that they understand their responsibilities and those of the company, and are fully equipped to set up the most appropriate action plan to get every employee adequate care and support in their time of need 

Senior Leadership Team Workshop

Our Senior Leadership Workshop will provide those at the highest level of an organisation, with the information and understanding they require to become active participants in creating positive mental health in their company. As the drivers of workplace culture and the main influencers in any company, senior leaders, have the power and responsibility to ensure that employee mental health is a strategic priority and a day-to-day focus for their company. They play a critical role in driving policies and practices that promote mental health in the workplace and positively influence workplace culture, management practices and the experience of staff. 

This workshop will ensure that leaders are informed, educated, and engaged enough to do everything necessary to create and drive an openness to mental health and an effective strategy to support it. 

Who should attend? Senior leaders, including board members, directors, chief executive officers and executive members, can all benefit from this workshop. Any of your more senior staff and key influencers should be encouraged to attend, as their buy-in and active participation are pivotal to the success of any mental health strategy. When those at the top are passionate and informed about mental health and well-being, employees and the organisation will quickly reap the benefits 

What is the Duration and Structure of all these Workshops?

Duration: 2 hours 

Structure: The Clinician speaks on the topic across 2 hours, with time set aside for group discussion and interactive case studies 

(Can take place onsite or digitally) 

Attendees: Minimum 4, Maximum 20 onsite, and up to 12 digitally.

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