Therapy for Depression at Sheehan Medical

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What is Depression?

Depression is when an individual experiences prolonged feelings of sadness, worthlessness, lack of energy, withdrawal from social interactions, and a lack of enjoyment from previously pleasurable activities.
Through counselling, one can begin the journey to recovery by working with a depression therapist to discuss their feelings, explore possible causes or contributors, develop coping strategies, and relieve the symptoms of depression that are affecting their daily lives.

What issues do we treat?

We provide specialised treatment for varying severities of the below depression and mood-related issues:

Depression (including situational, persistent and major)
Low Mood
Anger Problems
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Post-natal Depression

What is the pricing for this Service?

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Depression consultations are available both online or in-person at a Centric Mental Health Clinic, whatever is most convenient to you. 

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